The Taco Report – 1st Edition

It’s Taco Tuesday and we are publishing the 1st edition of The Taco Report to begin a routine of providing a weekly summary of news and developments within our community. Please take a read and enjoy the tacos ๐ŸŒฎ๐Ÿš€๐ŸŒฎ๐Ÿš€

What a week and a half it has been since the official launch of tDAO. We sold out of all circulating Tezonians NFTs during the Tezdrop including the Tezonian Taco 00002 for 1000 XTZ. We have been able to establish a leading liquidity pool on Quipuswap that is top 5 for non Wrapped Tokens. For more price and pool info visit TezTools.

tDAO has been whitelisted by as a verified FA2 Asset Here.

Recently we made an announcement that we will be using Crunchy.Networkย for the following DeFi services:

  • Taco Farm (Yield Farm)
  • Token Lock Ups
  • LP Token Initiatives
  • NFT Innovation

For a detailed roadmap and more information visit our DOCS!

Everything you need to know about Taco DAO (tDAO)

Taco DAO (tDAO) Governance Token

We have added an innovative Governance Token to make decisions on the perpetual royalties that are associated with all Tezonian NFT sales. In due time we will build out a DAO infrastructure in which tDAO holders can vote on proposals such as the following examples:

  • Adding Royalties to LPs

  • Using Royalties to Seed Farming Pools

  • Using Royalties to Purchase other NFT artwork.

  • Using Royalties to Purchase/ Burn tDAO

Find our current releases on Kalamint

For more information on the tDAO Tokenomics go HERE.

tDAO Information

  • Token Name: Taco DAO
  • Token Symbol: tDAO
  • Total Supply: 1,000,000,000
  • Decimal: 4
  • Token Contract Address: KT1Cjx8hYwzaCAke6rLWoZBLp8w89VeAduAR
  • ID: 0


Tezdrop Statistics and Summary

Tezdrop 1

On April 30th 2021, the Tezonians Twitter Account ran a #tezdrop which is an Airdrop on Tezos.

The requirements were to provide a Tezos Address and to Retweet this link for a 1X qualification.

There were additional multiplier tasks which allowed for more of a share of the token allocation.

150,982,600 tDAO Distributed to 417 Addresses

tDAO Liquidity NFTS

A Liquidity NFT is an NFT minted by the Tezoninas NFT Collection in which all proceeds go directly into the tDAO Liquidity Pools.

Example: Sold for 40 XTZ

  • 39 XTZ in proceeds after Kalamint fee

  • 19.5 XTZ Buy Order into tDAO

  • 19.5 XTZ / tDAO (amount) Add in the Liquidity Pool

Added Liquidity

Over the past week we have added the following liquidity from these proceeds:

19.5 XTZ BUY into tDAO – oogVFrZ7snvgvmop2kcRi5E6ZJS3oNwJ2b4QHPtxND1nv3i3XfN

19.5 XTZ Deposit into tDAO/XTZ LP – ooGcULjdHrZUqJpt8qzbeki6kZVAutrg7JL6jk8YhAfFbdSBYhS

136.5 XTZ BUY into tDAO -oo19faWr4QuDx8YGsLBW9BiwdSqtqmrK29wNDLivNQJhux7hssu

136.5 XTZ Deposit into tDAO/XTZ LP – op8PmUkJWhDLuELAQUSCGJsKgx5i2UKmnYgJ5hFFYJ2EciMZedt

Tezonians NFT Drops and News

We are currently dropping the Tezonian Baker Base Set on Kalamint and expect to drop the Tezonian Man Base Set next!

We have officially been awarded verified status with BazaarNfts and look forward to future drops and collaborations with Bazaar Market.

Currently all NFTs are available on Kalamint.


We successfully ran a CincodeMayo Meme competition and awarded 85,000 tDAO to 3 Winners here.

Needless to say a picture is worth 1,000 words.


We are moving at lightspeed and remain excited about upcoming Tezonians NFT drops and the developments around the Taco Farm. The community is growing at a healthy pace and we anticipate at some point getting coverage from XTZNews and DataRunner. Keep those Tacos moving my friends!

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