Taco DAO will be using CRUNCH to power the DeFi ecosystem

As outlined in our roadmap, Taco DAO will be creating a yield farm that helps incentivize users to deposit liquidity into the tDAO/ XTZ LP on QuipuSwap. We will acomplish this using CRUNCH to power the DeFi ecosystem including:

  • Taco Farm (Yield Farm)
  • Token Lock Ups
  • LP Token Initiatives
  • NFT Innovation

What is CRUNCH?

Crunchy Network provides DeFi services and solutions on Tezos to projects, developers, and end users. They like to think of themselves as a DeFi-as-a-Service (DaaS) platform. Crunchy is maintained by independent developers and is governed by CrDAO holders.

CRUNCH is the utility token of It will aid funding development and will be able to be used to pay for service fees and/or to pay reduced service fees. Additionally some services may require that you hold a certain amount of CRUNCH in your wallet in order to utilize the service.

For more information please read the Crunch Network Docs.

What is a Yield Farm?

Farms provide the ability for project owners and developers to offer yield farming to users. Yield farming, or liquidity mining, allows users providing liquidity on decentralized automated market maker (AMM) exchanges such as QuipuSwap the opportunity to lock their liquidity tokens and earn a reward token in exchange.

In the Taco Farm our users will be able to deposit tDAO/XTZ LP tokens to start farming more tDAO, XTZ, Tezonians NFTs, and partner tokens.

tDAO DeFi Ecosystem

The Taco Farm will be the backbone of our DeFI ecosystem. Through the power of the Crunchy Network we are going to take Yield Farming to the next level in combination with the Tezonians NFT collection.

Users who plan on farming with us should start accumulating the tDAO/XTZ LP tokens from QuipuSwap by depositing Liquidity.