Genesis Promotional Giveaway

In celebration of Tezonians Genesis Drop we are running a Genesis Giveaway Promotion where we will mint 3 versions of the Uncut Holographic Sheet Tezonian Genesis Characters.

How to Qualify

To Qualify:
1⃣ Follow us on Twitter
2⃣ Like, & Retweet this Tweet
3⃣ Tag at least 3 Friends in the Comments of the Tweet
4⃣ Fill out the form on the bottom of homepage

Giveaway Qualification ends at 1o:00PM EST Friday, April 16th.

Tezonians are the coolest NFT collection to hit the blockchain!

3 Uncut Holographic Sheets of Tezonian Genesis Characters

Limited Edition

Register on the Tezonians Home page under the Drop Update section to provide your Tezos address and become eligible for the NFT.

These 3 “Uncut Sheets” will be turned into a “Uncut Holographic Sheet NFT” which feature all 5 Tezonian Genesis Characters. We will award everyone who completes all 4 steps to qualify with one of the 3 versions.

Final edition numbers will be published and tracked on our website upon completion.

Take advantage of our generosity and register for the Genesis Promotion Giveaway today!